Have you noticed how much noise there is in our world? Be it yelling, music, or constant chatter, our culture is a very noisy one. Few people appreciate silence. In my opinion, times of silence hold great meaning. They are perfect times to think. Instead of pushing it away, we should embrace silence.

As the Grinch says, “All that noise, noise, noise, noise!” When conversations reach a lull, people complain that it has become too quiet. They turn up the volume, start a meaningless conversation, or bring out an electronic device. Teachers yell at the top of their lungs to PLEASE STOP TALKING. When you go outside, there is rarely, if ever, quiet. Cars and planes rumbling, lawnmowers whirring, and other man made sounds are constantly making their respective noises. Even nature makes noise, though that is a little more relaxing. For some people, silence is something they can’t do.

Despite the above mentioned occasions, there are moments of silence, in many varied situations. When deep in thought, talking and moving don’t occur to us, and, with the exception of sleep-talkers, people asleep are not chattering or playing with electronics. Sometimes when we get embarrassed or confused, awkward silences commence until someone figures out something to do or say. Sometimes, the times we are silent are when we understand each other best. When we experience great sadness or profound joy, the wisest people don’t have anything to say.

To different people, silence can be different things. To some, it is awkward, overwhelming, and irritating. To others it is calming, peaceful and necessary to their well being and, perhaps, their sanity. It’s a recess, a break, a breather. Whether it is warm, cold, deep, or easily breakable, silence is in the lives of everyone.

I understand that not everyone likes silence. Some are scared of it and it can be hard to allow to happen. However hard to appreciate, there are some who do. While silent, great thoughts, ideas, and revelations, can come to you. Silence is beautiful. I’ve come to love it, and someday, I hope, so will the world.


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