Hello and Merry Christmas, friends and relatives!

I feel like John and I somehow skipped an entire generation of technology. Here we were just warming up to the idea of the word-processed holiday form letter when—voila!—along came personal websites. Since the former type of greeting never really earned uniform acceptance, I hope you’ll feel differently about this new way of sharing the highlights of our family’s year.

In the short movies below, you’ll see Ned and Audrey showing off new skills they’ve acquired since last Christmas. Last year, Santa brought Ned a little 1/2-size guitar, and he’s been taking lessons ever since. It took him a while to accept the idea that he could get any pleasure from doing something that was not immediately easy for him, and even longer to settle into the routine of daily practice, but he has stuck with it. Quite an accomplishment for our Edmund. As you watch the clip, observe how his eyes track the sheet music that is not, in fact, actually in front of him. Weird, huh? He does this when he’s recounting something he read in a book, too, and it freaks me out!

I hope you’ll be able to tell from the clip of Audrey how much she’s enjoying what she’s learning in kindergarten. As was the case with Ned, we were very hesitant to send her this year, knowing that she’d be the youngest in her class and might not be ready. But aside from being tuckered out by the end of her full-day (once she fell asleep in the middle of the classroom floor while 25 kindergartners and two teachers continued to carry on around her), she is thriving there. Reading is a very new thing for her, and that’s why she chose this clip to share.

Sadly, John and I have no movies to share about our year’s activities, but we are keeping busy. You can get some sense of how we’ve been spending some of our time by visiting our other website at www.mamasays.org It’s not quite as pulled together yet as we would like; we’re still learning about how to put together a good site, and adding content is time-consuming. But creating an Internet presence for the newsletter I’ve been publishing for the last five years has been fun.

Now that we have a rudimentary understanding of how to add images to this site, we’ll try to keep it updated with new photos and movies. So check back occasionally and see our little people grow.

We all wish you a peaceful and happy holiday!

Ned’s Recital

Ned’s Recital Movie (14MB)

Smaller version of Ned’s Recital Movie (3MB)

Audrey’s Greeting

Audrey’s Christmas Greeting Movie (8MB)

Smaller version of Audrey’s Christmas Greeting Movie (4MB)


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