First Post!

We have had this blog for years and yet we have only ever posted about four times. That shows you what dedicated bloggers we are.

Fortunately for this blog, my mini GOP (Graduation Outcome Project) is on blogging and journalism so I have a reason to update.

It is 2010, four years from the time of the last post. We are alive and well, and in the last four years we have added a new member of the family. My 15, almost 16, year old brother Vincent came to us the August of 2006. My other brother, Ned, is a freshman in high school at St.Ignatius right here in Ohio City. I am pushing my way through middle school. A year and a quarter and I will be free! Well, almost. Then I have to go off to high school myself. Ah well… Can’t have everything. My mother is working as a teacher’s aide at my school and is enjoying her work with the third and fourth graders as well as the honorary bulletin board assembler. My dad has managed to keep his job, despite the turmoil at present with the switching from National City to PNC. Our family is mostly healthy despite a series of colds that always goes around every year. We are busy and frazzled most of the time, what with homework and many activities. Over all we are doing well and I hope that you readers are the same. Happy 2010 everyone!


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  1. Betty May Avatar
    Betty May

    Wonderfully sweet!

  2. Glad you’re back, Audrey! 🙂

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