Hola! I am extremely sorry about not posting since spring. I love summer and it’s almost over! Fortunately, I love Fall too 🙂  And now that I’m being homeschooled, I have even more to be exited about! As much as I will miss being around my friends and the clubs I can’t do, I honestly think that it is for the best. The pro’s definitely outweigh the con’s. Also, I’m sick and tired of this heat. Fall’s beautiful as well. I am playing volleyball for the third season and that’s great. I miss my friend but I should see them at school when i’m volunteering and doing clubs. Generally, my summer has been busy and interesting. I still didn’t tan 🙁


2 Responses to Fall!

  1. Vincent's Friend Ricky says:

    It’s not fall yet.

  2. Audrey says:

    Well, in my opinion, fall is here when school starts. But you are correct in saying that it is not technically fall.

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