My Birthday! 🙂

It’s my 13th birthday today, August 27th. I am officially a bratty, bored, unmotivated, grunting teenager. Or is that just boys? I only have teenage brothers so I don’t have a very good model for my new, teenage self. I think I will probably carry on as normal. In our family we celebrate all birthdays on the closest Sunday. Unfortunately, my dad will be in California this Sunday. I wish I was going to be in California this Sunday. Alas, without my dad we can’t celebrate. SO we decided to have a Fratus women weekend bash for my my mom and me, that would combine my birthday and hers, on the 5th and 6th of September. It postpones MY b-day 7 days. That’s okay. I can wait. I hope.


2 responses to “My Birthday! :-)”

  1. Happy (belated) Birthday! Thanks for letting your dad come to California!

  2. We saw pictures. It looked really great there! I’m glad he went. Plus, we might get t-shirts from the conference! I’m kidding. I’m not that greedy.

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