Did you know that people are more concerned about who their favorite celebrity is currently going out with then they are in the safety of the trapped miners in Chili? This fairly stupid ( in my opinion) mindset is fueled in part by those all-knowing, brightly colored, large-fonted magazines that pollute the grocery-store checkout line. What are these pollutants? Yep, you guessed right. The  Tabloids, Gossip-rags, “Celebrity news”, etc. We can not escape them. Now I’m not saying it isn’t alright to occasionally enjoy the over-the-topness of it all, but prolonged exposure to these toxins can completely ruin your self esteem and your sense of proportion. All that gossip can overwhelm a person, making it hard to see what is going on around you. And overwhelm it does. They photo-shop pictures to make them more sensational. They “forget” to include important and factual information. They straight-out lie. The gullible or bored are the first to go. With all this easy to access info, who needs to think? Beware this addicting infection. As hard as in may be, try to ignore those blaring front-pages and brightly colored, shiny pictures. They are a very hard, very expensive, habit to break. Consider yourself warned.


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